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I need to introduce myself to some of you at the church. My name is Dan Soddy and I am excited and honored to serve as church President for the next 2 years. Although this role is called President, I think “church leadership” is a much comfortable title for me to say, or better yet simply the title as church council chair.  I have been a member for about 8 years now. I think the first time I stepped through the church doors was to attend a funeral some years back. The second time I came to the church was to walk my daughter down the aisle and give her away in marriage. My wife and I decided to become members when my daughter announced the miracle of expecting child, and how much we wanted to be involved in our grandchildren’s lives. In reflection, as I ponder this new role, it is a true statement when I say that death brought me to this church, to this body of believers, and new life is what has kept me here. What an amazing analogy to what God has done through His son Jesus. His birth and death transformed us all with the amazing miracle of forgiveness and grace. On your behalf, I promise to do my best to help through this transitional time as God guides through the new pastoral call process. This is a time of prayer, reflection, trust, unity, and of discovery as the Mission Exploration Team finishes and we transition to a Call Committee. Your prayers and support are greatly needed and appreciated. I am confident that God’s hand will gently guide us the coming times.

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