Ministry Teams

Stewardship Ministry

Purpose: Stewardship is about being faithful disciples, caring for and managing all that God has given you in Time, Talent, and Treasure. Please click the Group Page link above for more information.

Cross-Generational Ministry

Purpose: To provide a program of fellowship, service opportunities, and spiritual growth for all generations of this congregation and the surrounding communities. The focus is to provide interaction of youth, your adults, adults and seniors to grow in faith.

Worship/Music Ministry

Purpose: Worship – responsibility for everything that deals with the worship activities of the congregations.

Music – responsibility for planning, coordinating and evaluating the music ministry of the congregation including the work of church musicians, organists, music director, etc.

Finance Ministry

Purpose: To plan and administer all financial matters of the congregation. Additionally, provide a full year-round Biblically based Stewardship Program to assist individual members to grow in their understanding and practice of Biblical Stewardship by providing opportunities and encouragement for all to respond to the gifts and Grace of Our Lord.

Property Ministry

Purpose: To plan, organize, maintain, upkeep and repair all church property and grounds.

Outreach Ministry

Purpose: To develop programs and activities which will foster spiritual growth of the congregational membership and to empower them to share their faith within the congregation as well as actively extending this spiritual growth to the community beyond this congregation.

Congregational Life Ministry

Purpose: Our mission is to invite the congregation and visitors to share in the fellowship associated with the people of Christ. Our activities are social oriented, giving people a chance to develop friendships with other Christians. We provide opportunities for both adult & family gatherings. Please refer to this month’s Tidings for details on upcoming activities.

Christian Ed Ministry

Purpose: To develop programs and activities in matters pertaining to the spiritual growth and education of all members of this congregation and the community beyond.

Caring Ministry Team

Purpose: To develop and implement programs and activities which will foster growth in compassion and commitment in the congregation’s members, and to empower these members to be Christ’s caring heart and hands within the congregation as well as in the community beyond.

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