Finance Ministry

Purpose: To plan and administer all financial matters of the congregation. Additionally, provide a full year-round Biblically based Stewardship Program to assist individual members to grow in their understanding and practice of Biblical Stewardship by providing opportunities and encouragement for all to respond to the gifts and Grace of Our Lord.

The Stewardship/Finance Ministry Team accomplishes its’ responsibilities to the congregation through some of the following duties:

  • Develop and submit to the Council a recommended annual budget which includes funds for the various Ministry Teams, committees, and groups within the congregation.
  • Plan and administer all financial matters of the congregation as approved in the budget.
  • See that all financial obligations are paid promptly. Review monthly Treasurer’s report.
  • Ensure that all policies and procedures related to the church including insurance policies are kept current.
  • Report regularly on the financial status of the congregation and the implications.
  • Supervise the management of all special funds including special projects and pledge drives and fund raising for these projects.
  • Provide the opportunity for members to make decisions about their personal and financial participation through pledge cards and Time/Talent surveys.
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