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I want to take this opportunity this month to let you know about some exciting things we are going to be doing here at Trinity in the coming months.

First off, the church council will be meeting in retreat on March 16 at Carthage College to explore and work on discerning what God is calling us to do at Trinity and in our wider community of South Milwaukee. We will be exploring our “why” – Why has God placed us here? This will be the first of a few council retreats in the next couple years to help us discern God’s call for us and focus our ministry on that call.

Second, the Outreach team is reorganizing – previously this team focused on PR and marketing – which is really advertising and not outreach. Outreach is what Jesus did as he travelled from town to town, eating with people, meeting them in the marketplace, teaching at the synagogue sharing the news that God’s Kingdom is near. We want to build relationships in our community as well. One ministry I’d like to get started is MOE or Ministry of Encouragement. This is a onetime event where we go to an organization in the community that is making a difference and we encourage them in their work. We bring treats for them, bring a certificate of thanks and encouragement for the work they do. MOE’s help us get to know groups in our community and help them get to know us. Then maybe down the road we can collaborate together to make a difference in the community.

Third, the Cross-Gen Team is refocusing. When I came to Trinity the Cross-Gen team wasn’t real clear on their identity or purpose. With some learning from Carolyn Karl, who is the cross-gen staff person at Bayshore Lutheran and Kingo Lutheran and is the Greater Milwaukee Synod’s crossgen guru we have refocused ourselves to look at all the ministry Trinity does and see how we can enhance it in a cross-generational way. We will look for opportunities to gather cross-generationally so that we can learn from one another and support one another in our journey of faith.

Fourth, “We Are Church Together” – this was the theme of a video the Greater Milwaukee Synod recently created during the holidays. We will work off this them for our Lenten series. So along with Holden Evening Prayer we will hear from different ministries within our synod and look for ways to participate in these ministries. After Ash Wednesday we will kick-off the series with Bishop Paul Erickson here to preach. So far we also have Outreach for Hope, Breaking the Chains Prison Congregation and Lutheran Campus Ministry scheduled to come and share their ministries with us.

These are just some of the things we – myself and Trinity’s leadership – have been working on to strengthen our sense of mission and accomplish some of the goals outlined in the MSP and in my letter of call. Please consider becoming involved in these or any of the other active teams and ministries happening here at Trinity. We are truly blessed with a strong sense of who we are as God’s people and together we will seek to follow God’s lead in all we do.

Blessings, Pastor Denise

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