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Asante Sana Jesu!  This is KiSwahili for Thank you very much Jesus!  And I am so thankful and happy to be here at Trinity Lutheran in South Milwaukee. First, I need to get to know you.  These first weeks and months will be times of learning names and hearing your stories of faith and life.  I’ve asked that you all wear name tags for the first few weeks of worship so that I can get to know you. You have one name to learn and I have many. Someone asked me how to pronounce my last name.  “mmmbeesay” would be a basic pronunciation.

Second, this first year will be a time of prayer, discernment, and working together as a community of faith as we figure out how to collaborate as the Body of Christ and as a community of faith in South Milwaukee to fulfill the mission God has for us here.

Someone asked me at the meet and greet back in August what it was on Trinity’s MSP that attracted me to you. I’d like to give you a better sense of what I saw – I am excited about the committed lay leadership you have – those working with youth and families and a desire to work toward or identify cross-generational ministry. We are a church together and not isolated by age, gender, race or any other division we humans like to create. I am also excited about your desire to reach further into the community. This is hard work – it means building relationships, having conversations and inviting people around the table – but I sense energy for this and am excited to move ahead. Finally, I sensed a desire to go deeper in your faith journey through education, prayer, worship and service. The top item on my letter of call was education – I love to teach – I hope you love to learn and will teach me as well. We take this journey of faith together and I look forward to accompanying you on the journey.

“Peace be to the whole community, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”  Ephesians 6:23

Blessings, Pastor Denise M. H. Mbise

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