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Happy New Year!  I wish you all many Blessings as you begin this new year. I have been so blessed to become part of the Trinity community of faith and family. I have been impressed with your commitment to the mission and ministry of Trinity. You have a desire to broaden that ministry as well. I see a recognition that God calls you to be a part of the work of his kingdom in South Milwaukee and beyond. For our purpose as a community of faith is to strengthen and encourage one another is the sharing of the gospel and participation in God’s kingdom work in the world.

One of the things we’ve been exploring since I have come to Trinity is Cross-Generational ministry. A number of Trinity’s leaders came to a presentation by Carolyn Karl about CrossGenerational ministry. Dan Soddy will probably be writing more about this, but I just wanted to emphasize that cross-generational ministry is a way for us to be church together where all the generations encourage and strengthen one another in faith. We can all learn from one another. So we will be exploring ways to provide opportunity for us to be together inter-generationally.

During January, my husband and I will be going to Tanzania. We will be there from Jan. 16-25 – don’t worry, we will be back in time to experience the meatball supper! While in Tanzania, we will be assessing the work of the Ndoombo Community Dispensary. Back in 1999, my father-in-law, Rev. Moses Mbise, had a dream to provide basic healthcare for the people of the villages he served as a pastor. To that end, he sent his daughter, Romini, to nursing school and recruited Exaudh and I to raise funds to build a clinic. So we started the non-profit Mt. Meru Tumaini Health Clinic that supports the dispensary. In the 19 years we’ve been in existence we have created a campus with 2 buildings. We have drilled 2 wells and helped build a water distribution system. We have had generous donors who have sent Polite Mbise to dental school and he now serves the dispensary 2 days a week. We have added solar panels to the buildings. We have also collaborated with the local schools to support their education with text books, desks, and shelving. Over the years we have had food distributions, solar light distributions and other special campaigns as the needs arise. So Exaudh and I are going this January to assess where we are in our maternity, immunization, education and lab services to see what we need to accomplish in the next couple years. We will meet with staff and the board of directors and identify needs and
goals. I usually try to post everyday on Facebook when I’m away so that our donors and volunteers can see what is happening.

The Mt. Meru Tumaini Health Clinic also has a Facebook page that I will post to as well. So if we aren’t friends on Facebook, let’s make that happen before I leave – then we can keep in touch. On February 9, Exaudh and I will be doing a presentation on the dispensary and Tanzania during the education hour in-between services – a cross-generational event. So join us and hear more about our work in Tanzania. I’m also thankful and excited that the youth group has agreed to lead worship on Jan. 19/20 when I am in Tanzania. I’m sorry I’ll miss it – someone please video tape it for me.

Blessings, Pastor Denise

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