At Trinity we value relationships, and part of that is having fun! From restaurant meet ups to game day events to sharing Sundaes on Sunday, fellowship opportunities allow us to get to know one another and build lifelong friendships.

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Support each other

Church is community and community is all about supporting each other. Many of the youth and adults of Trinity are involved in awesome activities outside the church walls, from singing in concerts to playing in baseball tournaments to leading service projects. This is our chance to support each other in these endeavors and look for God beyond the church walls. Simply check out the activity list using the link below, choose something that sounds fun, and show up! (Some activities may require purchasing tickets, so be sure to check ahead of time.)  Cheer for Trinity friends, offer notes of encouragement and keep an eye out for stories of God at work in unexpected places. If you have an event or activity coming up that you would like Trinity members to attend, send Alyssa a note with the details at youthtlcsm@gmail.com and your event will be added to our list.

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