Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions.

When you arrive to worship, a greeter will provide you with a bulletin containing the order or service, announcements, and upcoming events. Communion elements are available at this station if you prefer to take communion in your pew instead of coming to the altar during worship. The greeter can also show you where to find the restrooms, coat racks, diaper changing station, wheelchair lift or anything else you need. As you continue on to the narthex (the area leading into the sanctuary) you will usually find several members participating in fellowship at the tables. Fix yourself a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and introduce yourself if you feel comfortable!

Find a seat in the nave/sanctuary, listen to the music preludes, and settle in for service. The entire order of worship is in the bulletin. Pastor Denise also cues the congregation on when to sit and stand during service.

We practice Open Communion, which means you are welcome to receive communion whether or not you are a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. If you choose to take communion in your pew, the prepackaged elements contain both the wafer and grape juice. Pastor will direct you when to receive Communion this way. If you choose to receive Communion at the altar, wait for Pastor’s cues and come forward when the usher guides you. In addition to wine, there is clear grape juice in the middle of the trays for those who need or prefer it. We also offer gluten-free wafers to those who need or prefer them. Please tell the pastor this need at the distribution.

We offer a variety of music styles to enhance the worship experience. Saturday evening worship is a piano service. Our worship band, Soul Purpose, provides music one Sunday a month, and the organist accompanies cantor-led hymns on the remaining Sundays. Our choir and handbell ensemble perform for Christmas and Easter services and at regular intervals throughout the year.

We encourage all children to attend service with their families. Activity bags, including crayons and coloring books, storybooks, and other various items, are available just behind the greeter station. An unstaffed nursery is located just past the main level restrooms if your little ones need a break during service. Speakers in the nursery will keep you connected to what’s happening in the sanctuary. Also in the nursery is a diaper-changing station and a child-sized restroom. For the courtesy of others, please ensure your children clean up after themselves and put away all toys and art supplies when they are finished using them.

Alyssa, our Youth, Family, & Education Director, can usually be found in our narthex following Sunday service. If you are interested in learning more about our Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Confirmation program, or other youth activities, Alyssa would be happy to help you!

Trinity has a parking lot on the northeast corner of 5th and Marshall, across from the church. There is ample street parking as well. We also have three handicapped parking spots in the back of the church off the alley with easy access to the building.